RELEASE DATE: June 14, 2016

Dangerous Astronauts is a synth project by David Hoffman of Six Years Later. The second album from Dangerous Astronauts is a concept album, a soundtrack without a movie.

The album tells the story of mankind's last hope. When the Earth has been destroyed by overpopulation and pollution, a last effort deep space mission is sent to find a new home for the few left alive.

The astronauts are awakened from hibernation by an alien transmission. Soon after receiving the transmission the crew find themselves making first contact. But the intentions of the aliens are not innocent and they mean to punish mankind for his sins, and to also provide one last chance at redemption, giving a new Adam and Eve one last chance in Eden.

All songs written by:
David Hoffman
Produced by:
David Hoffman
Mixed and Mastered by:
David Hoffman
David Hoffman
keys, bass, drums, everything