RELEASE DATE: March 7, 2016

The second studio album from Six Years Later features ten original songs. Improving on the formula used in making their first album (Road to Somewhere), Six Years Later takes their sound and production up a notch with this release. Vocals were recorded in Los Angeles while drums were recorded in Sweden and the rest of the album was recorded and produced in Philadelphia.

All songs written by:
David Hoffman and Natalie Semkiw
Produced by:
David Hoffman
Mixed and Mastered by:
Jim Salamone at Cambridge Sound Studios
Natalie Semkiw
David Hoffman
keys and bass and drums
Scott Martin
guitar on 'One Life', 'Pressure', 'Saved My Life', 'Remember'
Rickard Langnesund
drums on 'Paradise', 'Howling at the Moon', 'Pressure', 'Something in the Water', 'Round and Round'
Jim Salamone
guitar and bass on 'Something in the Water'