RELEASE DATE: December 5, 2017

In 2017 Six Years Later moved from being a studio project to a live band. Playing the original songs from the first two albums, Road to Somewhere and Bad Habits, the band found a new sound emerging. A more guitar driven, pop/rock oriented sound replaced the synth/pop based landscape from the original albums.

The newly formed live band took their vibrant reimagining of these songs and went into the studio to record them as the fourth album from Six Years Later.

All songs written by:
David Hoffman and Natalie Semkiw
Produced by:
David Hoffman
Mixed by:
Ray Ferretti
Mastered by:
Joe Lambert Mastering
Drums recorded by:
Cambridge Sound Studios
Guitars recorded and produced by:
Ray Ferretti
Natalie Semkiw
David Hoffman
keys and bass
Nick Demou
lead guitar
David Lee
Justin Fava
rhythm guitar on: 'Love Unspoken', 'Stay Together', 'Pressure'
Ray Ferretti
guitar on 'Runaway', additional guitar on: 'Pressure', 'All of My Life', 'Stay Together'